Week 3 Readings

  1. Conduct your own library and/or online search and locate and read at least one article that pertains to your client’s mission/focus/audience. Share your articles with the rest of your group and read each other’s. Submit the bibliographic info (author, title, publisher, date) or URL(if appropriate) in Canvas for this assignment. 

(Adele Uphaus-Conner, Fairy Godmother Project and partners conduct Heart of Gold campaign to raise awareness of pediatric cancer, The Free Lance-Star, 9/3/2018) –> Their previous community outreach.

www.fairygodmotherproject.org –> Organization’s website

https://www.fredericksburgparent.net/news/pouches-community-corner/3013-fairy-godmother-project –> About Client

www.facebook.com/VAFGP/?rc=p –> Organization’s Facebook

www.instagram.com/vafgp/ –> Organization’s Instagram

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