DJ Week 2

  1. Think about a digital project you’ve worked on in the past and consider what were your goals and what were your tactics. Were these clear to you before you started the project? If so, how did this help you? If not, when and how did they become clear?

To change it up from the last project I did for DJ Week 1, one project that I worked on in the past that I can can recall was my Clock Project for Creative Coding. My goals included getting a good grade for it, getting the coding correct, and (if I’m being REALLY REALLY honest) to have the best looking clock in the room (especially my table-mates.) Tactics I used for this project was copying Professor Whalen’s code during class and randomizing certain buttons, asking my classmates for help, and looking at my table-mates coding to see what worked best. These were not clear goals and tactics for me before starting the project. Like I am, always, before starting a project, I was highly confused at everything that was going on. They became clear after I started seeing what worked for my table-mates with the project and finally speaking up/asking questions.

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