DJ Week 1

Second, write/create your first entry. Introduce yourself to the class (and the world) in whatever way you’re comfortable. Then do one of the following: 

  1. Tell us about a digital project from your past. What did you create and why? How did you tackle the project? What went well and what would you differently?

–> A digital project I have done i the past that I enjoyed was my Glitch Project for Special Topic: Creative Coding with Professor Whalen. We created a montage of 8-15 photos that were glitched through glitch apps like Audacity. I wanted to use my rugby photos for the montage because he said he would put them all up in the HCC for people to see, and the Women’s Rugby team is always recruiting, so that was definitely a win-win situation. However, honestly, this project was really hard for me to understand in class since I had never used Audacity before, and all the Audacity training videos I found were for altering audio clips instead of photos. So, unfortunately, it became so hard for me to understand that, by the time a new project came around, I had completely forgotten to do it.

BUT –> Professor Whalen gave our class a second chance at doing it for the final portfolio, which — THANK THE LORD! So I ended taking advantage of his office hours and visiting him to ask for help. It actually ended up being easier than I had initially thought. Strangely enough, the project ended up being my favorite one of the semester! If I could have changed something differently though, I definitely would have used Professor Whalen’s office hours a lot more. Maybe then, I wold have ended up with an A instead of a B. 

2. How have you approached brainstorming in the past when working on creative projects?

–> Usually I’m in a group and we just throw out random ideas out loud, write them down, and then we figure out which is the best approach to a project. Alone, I just find random ideas online, copy them all into a page, and then pinpoint which websites would be the best for me moving forward with a project.

What’s been your approach in the past to project planning? Does it excite you, bore you, overwhelm you, something else? 

–> In a group, it overwhelms me when one person in the group tries to take on everything by themselves without trying to listen to or understand everyone else’s viewpoints and ideas. Alone, it also overwhelms me because I usually have my best ideas when I’m hearing everyone else first. Through listening is when I am able to really think critically about a project.

What kind of impact do you want to be able to make with the digital work in this class?

I would honestly just like to help people and their organizations grow through our digital projects. I don’t really know what else to say other than that. We all have our limitations until someone or something comes into our lives and push us further. However, we must keep in mind that we shouldn’t yank people out of their comfort zones until they are ready.

Design, draw, write something and share it with us. Tell us about your creation.

I don’t know what this question is asking of me. What creations? But I will introduce myself. My name is Temi Ogungbade. I am a senior Philosophy major with a concentration into Pre-Law. I wish I would have minored in DGST/Communication. I’m on the Rugby team at UMW. And I am super excited for this class and what I learn from it!

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