DJ Week 8 – 15

This class became more stressful than I thought it would be, but I’m glad I took it. I have grown as a group member through this class and, out of all the classes I took this past semester, I think this one helped me the most for my future after college. Thanks Martha for a great year, and good luck wherever you go. See you at graduation!

DJ Week 7

We are getting a lot of things done. Both Liz and I have figured out what we’re doing for social media, and we’re planning to create 10 posts together over Spring Break. Fele and Haley are starting to set up interviews for videos that will start getting posted BIWEEKLY after break. I’m really excited to see what we all accomplish over break. Also…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARTHA! YOU ARE A GOLDEN GIRL!

DJ Week 6

There was no prompt so I guess I’ll update. This week has been better. We have now established a better plan of what we’re doing. Haley and Fele are doing something for video editing while Liz and I are starting to work on social media using Canva. The group dynamic is kind of weird because we haven’t found the time to actually hang out outside of class and get to know each other. So it kind of feels like work instead of TEAMwork. Hopefully things will change as we start executing our plans for the project.

DJ Week 5

We started talking about our fears and anxieties for this project today. Honestly a lot of thing scare me. I don’t like the free reign we’ve been given to do this project, because it just means there’s a lot of things she may not like about our ideas. Honestly, I’m happy this is group work, because it makes me more prone to come up with ideas and keep up with all of the work. I forget a lot, so this makes me more accountable for this project. Thankfully, we have a lot of time, so it’ll be fine. My group just needs to start actually coming together in our free time and talking about this project instead of only talking to each other during class and collaborating for homework.

DJ Week 4

Share how your group’s brainstorming process went in class on Tuesday.

It honestly went really well. I was really concerned about how we would be able to do this project to the best of our abilities with the time we have left but, now, we have a better idea of what we want to do. We’re splitting into pairs to better focus on the small aspects of what our client wants, which will help lead to a bigger picture in the end. I’m actually really excited to see what we come up with by Tuesday!

Week 3 Readings

  1. Conduct your own library and/or online search and locate and read at least one article that pertains to your client’s mission/focus/audience. Share your articles with the rest of your group and read each other’s. Submit the bibliographic info (author, title, publisher, date) or URL(if appropriate) in Canvas for this assignment. 

(Adele Uphaus-Conner, Fairy Godmother Project and partners conduct Heart of Gold campaign to raise awareness of pediatric cancer, The Free Lance-Star, 9/3/2018) –> Their previous community outreach. –> Organization’s website –> About Client –> Organization’s Facebook –> Organization’s Instagram

DJ Week 3

Tell us about your client interview. How did it go? What are you excited about? What do you think will be the biggest challenges. 

I was really nervous for the interview, but Elizabeth honestly calmed my nerves. It went pretty well….Haley asked a lot of questions, and our client was able to answer them all. I basically sat there and just recorded things I found important on a piece of paper. I asked a few questions regarding her answer, and I was able to get really clear, helpful answers for the project ahead. I’m just really excited to start offering all that I can for this organization. I think the biggest challenge I’ll have is making sure to treat every idea I have very fragile-ly and careful. This isn’t something to mess around with and just do what I can. I know this group, along with myself, have to hit it out of the park with this project. But, again, I’m super excited for this. Can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

DJ Week 2

  1. Think about a digital project you’ve worked on in the past and consider what were your goals and what were your tactics. Were these clear to you before you started the project? If so, how did this help you? If not, when and how did they become clear?

To change it up from the last project I did for DJ Week 1, one project that I worked on in the past that I can can recall was my Clock Project for Creative Coding. My goals included getting a good grade for it, getting the coding correct, and (if I’m being REALLY REALLY honest) to have the best looking clock in the room (especially my table-mates.) Tactics I used for this project was copying Professor Whalen’s code during class and randomizing certain buttons, asking my classmates for help, and looking at my table-mates coding to see what worked best. These were not clear goals and tactics for me before starting the project. Like I am, always, before starting a project, I was highly confused at everything that was going on. They became clear after I started seeing what worked for my table-mates with the project and finally speaking up/asking questions.

DJ Week 1

Second, write/create your first entry. Introduce yourself to the class (and the world) in whatever way you’re comfortable. Then do one of the following: 

  1. Tell us about a digital project from your past. What did you create and why? How did you tackle the project? What went well and what would you differently?

–> A digital project I have done i the past that I enjoyed was my Glitch Project for Special Topic: Creative Coding with Professor Whalen. We created a montage of 8-15 photos that were glitched through glitch apps like Audacity. I wanted to use my rugby photos for the montage because he said he would put them all up in the HCC for people to see, and the Women’s Rugby team is always recruiting, so that was definitely a win-win situation. However, honestly, this project was really hard for me to understand in class since I had never used Audacity before, and all the Audacity training videos I found were for altering audio clips instead of photos. So, unfortunately, it became so hard for me to understand that, by the time a new project came around, I had completely forgotten to do it.

BUT –> Professor Whalen gave our class a second chance at doing it for the final portfolio, which — THANK THE LORD! So I ended taking advantage of his office hours and visiting him to ask for help. It actually ended up being easier than I had initially thought. Strangely enough, the project ended up being my favorite one of the semester! If I could have changed something differently though, I definitely would have used Professor Whalen’s office hours a lot more. Maybe then, I wold have ended up with an A instead of a B. 

2. How have you approached brainstorming in the past when working on creative projects?

–> Usually I’m in a group and we just throw out random ideas out loud, write them down, and then we figure out which is the best approach to a project. Alone, I just find random ideas online, copy them all into a page, and then pinpoint which websites would be the best for me moving forward with a project.

What’s been your approach in the past to project planning? Does it excite you, bore you, overwhelm you, something else? 

–> In a group, it overwhelms me when one person in the group tries to take on everything by themselves without trying to listen to or understand everyone else’s viewpoints and ideas. Alone, it also overwhelms me because I usually have my best ideas when I’m hearing everyone else first. Through listening is when I am able to really think critically about a project.

What kind of impact do you want to be able to make with the digital work in this class?

I would honestly just like to help people and their organizations grow through our digital projects. I don’t really know what else to say other than that. We all have our limitations until someone or something comes into our lives and push us further. However, we must keep in mind that we shouldn’t yank people out of their comfort zones until they are ready.

Design, draw, write something and share it with us. Tell us about your creation.

I don’t know what this question is asking of me. What creations? But I will introduce myself. My name is Temi Ogungbade. I am a senior Philosophy major with a concentration into Pre-Law. I wish I would have minored in DGST/Communication. I’m on the Rugby team at UMW. And I am super excited for this class and what I learn from it!

Final Portfolio

To complete this portfolio, I had to identify at least four of my past projects  that I’d like to improve somehow. Three of the projects I selected were my favorite projects (Poetry, Noetry, Clock, and NaNoGenMo) while the last one was the most challenging project that I met with Professor Whalen about.  (Glitch)

Final Portfolio

I have learned a lot from this class about coding. I don’t really use my computer unless it’s for catching up on my Netflix/Hulu shows or writing papers. Other than that, my laptop is basically useless to me. This class forced me to learn many thing about my computer and its apps. I think what I will carry from this class into my future classes is the use of Audacity and altering images to make them unique for presentations or for just making recruiting videos for Rugby. I can also now use my knowledge of all of the sites we use for future jobs, which is really great. I would definitely take a second class of Creative Coding to learn more things about my computer and about coding. Thank you so much for taking a chance and offering this class this semester, and I hope to see more DGST classes like this in the future.